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to create an ExpertSpace profile)A Canadian curricular-baes collection of resources for students and teachers. (S.S. and Science Teachers)
Global Issues in ContextA Great current events database
Media Smarts - Web Awareness Resources
Passport to the Internet and My WorldGreat interactive tools for teaching digital citizenship and online safety (grades 3-6).
R.O.V.E.R - Recommended Online Video Education Resources - the video streaming site for teachers and students. Immediate access to educational videos.


abc teach - the place for kids, parents, student teachers, and teachers.
Book Trailers - The go-to place for sharing, viewing and downloading trailers for children's and young adult books.h
Canada's Information Recource CentereAccess thousands of records on Canadian organizations, government, businesses, schools and financial and cultural institutions. A remarkable group of carefully maintained databases known for their breadth and accuracy of information on Canada.
Canadian Atlas
Canadian Points of View
The Canadian Teacher
eduplace - good material for K-5, and 6-8.
Enchanted Learning - check this site out for LOTS of Teacher resources in all subject areas.
Enchanted Learning K-3 Themes
Evergreen Curriculum
Flags of the World
.Guys Read - site with books that guys like to read.
Keyboarding Skills
Kid Planet - lessons for students in elementary school.
Kidzone - excellent resource on animals, geography, science, math, and more. Includes lesson plans.
Learn 360 Access to 600 feature films correlated to SK Curriculum Outcomes.
Learning Resources for Home and School
Lesson Planet
Magic School Bus
Net Vibes - Daily updates, blogs, and info in every subject area including news, sicnece, math, s.s., arts ed., books and reading, and much, more.
The site was put together by Donna D.
Novel Study - a selection of novel studies which include questions and voacabulary activities for each chapter.
Novel Units - includes valuable activities, vocabulary and comprehension questions.
Paranormal Phenomena
Pete's Powerpoint Station - use these powerpoint presentations as a teaching tool -- (many subject areas).

Photos for Class - Poster Creation

Recipe Atlas
Scholastic Learning Zone: BOOK FLIX
Scholastic Learning Zone: TRUE FLIX
Teach-nology - The On-line Teacher Resource. Lesson Plans, Printables, and more in all subject areas.
Tumble Books - An online collection of animated,talking picture books!! Great site for young people!
Unexplained Mysteries
Visual Education Center
World Atlas


Bullying Awareness and Prevention
Bullying Awareness Sites
Caring and Respectful Schools
Public Safety Canada
Kids Help Phone
Stop Bullying Now


Math Central Math Central is a clearinghouse of mathematical resources for students and teachers.
Math 9
Virtual Manipulatives Provides educators with electronic resources to augment student learning in the areas of shape and space, number, algebra, measurement, and data analysis and probability.

Devil's Angle
GeoGebra GeoGebra provides free mathematics software for learning and teaching. Included on the website are tutorials, applets, an online instruction book, and a wiki.

Electricity - Great resource for Gr. 6
Science Resources K-9
Windows to the Universe - Includes : Life science, geology, physics, astronomy, Earth, and more.

biology 4 kids - info on cells, microorganisms, plants, invertebrates, vertebrates, and animal systems.
Label me printouts
Project Wild

chem 4 kids - info on matter, atoms, elements, reactions, biochemistry, and more.

Physics 20
physics 4 kids - info on motion, heat, magnetism, electricity, light, and more.

Canada's Geographic Regions
geography 4 kids - info on earth, atmosphere, climates, biosphere, and more.
Canadian Landscapes
World Geography
Ed Select Maps
Enchanted Learning
Flags and Maps
Info Please
General Geography Links

cosmos 4 kids - info on the universe, galaxies, stars, the solar system, and more.
Kids' Astronomy
NASA Space Place - cool stuff to know about space, Earth, and technology.

Smoking and Tobacco Facts
Magic School Bus
Crafts for Kids - craft ideas for students aged 7-12
Health and Wellness Resource Center
Kids Health
Eat Well
Net Doctor

Aboriginal Peoples and Canada's Parks and Protected Areas Contains case studies profiling Aboriginal organizations, communities, park agencies, First Nations, and other stakeholders that have influenced the conservation of biodiversity and cultural heritage. (From SK. Curriculum)
Access CanadaContains a collection of lesson plans, articles, visuals, and multimedia resources to support social studies teachers in all parts of Canada. (From Sk. Curriculum)
CBC Archives A collection of digital events that are indexed according to category and searchable by topic. A “For Teachers” section contains activities by grade level. (From Sk. Curriculum)
Canadian International Development Agency Information on sustainable development and reducing poverty. A “Youth Zone” that includes ideas to get youth involved, and a “Teacher Zone” includes resources such as classroom activities and a global classroom resource centre. (From the Sk. Curriculum)
Canadian History Introduction
Canadian Social Studies Super site
Classroom Connections Online resources to initiate positive social change in today’s youth. Contains a number of free print resources. (From Sk. Curriculum)
Countries of the World
Cultural Profiles Project
Election Canada Resources
Federal Elections in Canada
Government of Canada Provides information on the structure of Canada’s parliament and the processes, and provides educational resources for educators.
Mr. Dowling - a history resource for middle years.
National Geographic Map Maker
Office of the Treaty Commissioner Provides a number of resources for educator use and offers workshops on teaching treaties in the classroom. (From Sk. Curriculum)
Oxfam Education Provides resources for educators and students on issues that affect all. Topics include the global food crisis, fair trade, and human rights. (From Sk. Curriculum)
Sask. Council of Social Sciences The SCSS council provides a community for social sciences educators through professional development, in-service training, and pre-service teacher education. (From Sk. Curriculum)
Saskatchewan Human Rights Information on the human rights code, policies, and publication. (From Sk. Curriculum)
Saskatchewan Ombudsman Resources for teachers, including the history of ombudsmen and frequently asked questions by students. (From Sk. Curriculum)
Worldbeat A global education project designed for teachers and students. Includes suggestions for teaching opportunities, articles, and lesson plans. (From the Sk. Curriculum)

Encyclopedia of Music in Canada Full text of the prestigious Encyclopedia of Music in Canada, with some 4000 articles on all aspects of music in Canada. (From Sask. Curriculum)
Sask. Culture Invites people to discover Saskatchewan’s vibrant cultural community, explore how the depth and diversity of culture and cultural activity are essential to this province, and experience a sample of Saskatchewan’s rich cultural life. (From Sask. Curriculum)
Art Cyclopedia Online access to great art from over 8,000 famous painters, sculptors, and photographers. Searche artist name, title of the work of art, movements in art, and much more. (From Sask Curriculum)
Arts and Entertainment Oscar Peterson, Karen Kain, Group of 7, Bill Reid, and the Rolling Stones are just a few of the profiles included on this website. Also includes several audio or video clips illustrating their work as well as suggested teacher activities. (From Sask Curriculum)
National Arts Center Orchestra Suitable for Grades 9-12 students. An online music archive of National Arts Centre Orchestra recordings. Permits students to search, create playlists, and stream over 150 performances from the past 40 years. Also includes learning materials such as biographies, glossaries, and sample lesson plans. (From Sask. Curriculum)
Canadian Music Center Stimulates the awareness, appreciation, and performance of Canadian music. In addition to searching for musicians and scores, teachers will find several suggested activities. (From Sask Curriculum)
St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day - Customs and History
St. Patrick's Day - Crafts, Games and more
Happy Easter
The Meaning of Easter
Easter Activities
Valentine's Day Activities
Valentine's Day