ExpertSpace Articles, videos and images convey important concepts in Science and Social Studies to students in grades 4 – 12. This resource has strong Canadian content, especially in Social Studies.

Canva - Poster Creation

Global Issues in Context Intended for students in grade 9 – 12 this comprehensive resource provides students with information on topics in the sciences and social studies. Students can consult a wide variety of globally published materials including magazines, newspapers, academic journals, podcasts, and videos.

Ministry of Ed. Resources

Photos for Class - Poster Creation

Power Knowledge - Earth and Space Science
Power Knowledge - Life Sciences
Power Knowledge - Physical Sciences
Power Knowledge Science Suite is an online resource specifically geared towards learners in Grades 3-6. It gives students the tools to gather, describe and use information to understand the natural and designed world. Students will get essential research, report, and homework help, along with fun and interactive games.